Born 1979, raised in Langesund / Norway
currently lives and works in Berlin after a long period in Oslo.
works freelance as graphic designer (miasmah design) mostly for record labels, artists and within music business. He also makes music himself under the aliases svarte greiner & deaf center + runs the record label miasmah recordings. contact - skodvin @ online . no - for work (gfx/design/direction/sound design/music/lives/etc.)

1999 : registered, starts to post own music for free. moves to oslo.
2000 : also starts putting out music from other people
2001 - 2006 : makes too much random websites and release 63 freely downlable EPs/albums and singles.
2006 : miasmah recordings started and company registered working within music and graphics.
2007-2009 : starts also to release vinyl. makes tons of coverart, travels alot & moves to berlin.
2010 : makes new website, drinks beer..
2013 : miasmah releases it´s 25th physical release, works closely with sonic pieces, hosts house shows & more.
2016 : works more and more in music & sound towards visual media. Miasmah recordings (as physcial label) celebrates 10 years of excistance.

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