MIA 041 : Clarice Jensen - For this from that will be filled (out now!)

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> Miasmah has a new web shop together with Sonic Pieces
called mi — so. Here you can find our available releases. It also includes a blog & event section with regulary updated news, live shows and events for both labels.

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MIA 040 : Svarte Greiner - Apart
MIA 039 : Svarte Greiner - Knive
MIA 038 : Yair Elazar Glotman &
Mats Erlandsson - Negative Chambers


Secret Thirteen mix by James Welburn
Vapor (a miasmah mix)
by Svarte Greiner
Fractured air mix by Andrea Belfi
Headphone commute mix by Marcus Fjellström
Icarus mix
by Kreng
Seeksicksound mix by Erik K Skodvin
Miasmah label profile mix by Klankshap
Secret Thirteen mix by Simon Scott
Secret Thirteen mix by Svarte Greiner
Headphone Commute mix by Kreng
Secret Thirteen mix
by Kreng
Headphone Commute mix
by Simon Scott
Resident Advisor mix by Svarte Greiner
"Shining Urn" Film score mix
by Svarte Greiner.


Reviews of the releases
listed at delicous.

Berlin Events (Rrose Sélavy)
> From 2011 to 2016 Miasmah / Sonic Pieces & Morr Music (+occationally Root Strata) had a monthly record spinning evening named Rrose Sélavy and was based at NEU! bar in south-east Prenzlauer Berg. Info at Facebook.

> Also, Miasmah & Sonic Pieces shares HQ and has occational in-house concerts, which usually requires to be on the list. Announced through twitter/facebook

Previous guest dj´s include : Jefre Cantu Ledesma (co-creator), Greg Haines, Islaja, Bill Kouligas, Robert Meijer, Andrea Belfi, Flow, Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick, Max Punktezahl, Kreng, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Aidan Baker, Andreas Gerth, Oliver Doerell, Norman Dietze, BJ Nilsen, F.S.Blumm, Marion Epp, LUPO, Christian Blumberg, Kristoffer Cornils, Ed Benndorf, Maxwell August Croy, Alexander Rishaug., Francesco Donadello, Repeat Beat, Hannes Jentsch, Dambi Mik, Yair Etziony, Gabriel Saloman, Aaron Moore, Marcus Fjellström, Stefan Lingg, Dean Roberts, Michael Rosen, Chris Hefner, Felipe Salazar, Midori Hirano, James Welburn.

Previous house concerts : Moon Ate the Dark, F.S.Blumm & Nils Frahm, Sumie, Svarte Greiner, Marcus Fjellström, Rauelsson, Evan Caminiti, Takeshi Nishimoto w/Robert Lippok, Otto A Totland, Kaboom Karavan, Andrea Belfi, Peter Broderick, Benoit Pioulard, BJ Nilsen, Driftmachine, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Simon James Phillips, Deaf Center, Christoph Berg, Jasmine Guffond, Midori Hirano, Christian Naujoks

> Rrose Sélavy

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