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20 / 02 / 2022 - Deaf Center re-issues + New Svarte Greiner album "Devolving Trust"
Deaf Center - Neon City (2004) LP has been re-issue with new cover art in a re-mastered edition. At the same time a small LP re-press of Pale Ravine is also available. Also, a new Svarte Greiner album entitled Devolving Trust is out and available on CD (for now) and features two longform deep listening pieces somewhere in-between spiritual distress & meditation. The title track is taken from a live recording in the bunkers of a Berlin brewery. Feb 25th. CD + Digital. All on Miasmah recordings.

Available through our own mi - so store or bandcamp.

23 / 12 / 2021 - 2021 news summed up
New mix for Hands in the Dark 11 year anniversary. Listen through Lyl radio here. I was interviewed by Freddie Hudson from Noise Kitchen in Prague about my different projects, musical production and behind the scenes parts of running Miasmah. Read the full interview here. ---- I´ve contributed with a 15 minute Svarte Greiner piece called "A song for an important Bird" to the Kafe Hærverk benefit compilation : Norwegian Ambient Works Volume 1. ---- In april I was invited to do a in-house mix at Kyr radio. The result is up on soundcloud and can be heard here. A duo album with Kreng inspired by sleep paralysis. Released by Belgian sleep exports Slaapwel in a LTD handmade CD edition of 300x. It features 1 long 33 minute piece of sustained piano and minimal electronics. Artwork by Chris Hefner and liner notes by Guy Peters.

In 2011, I went on a rather small-time EU tour with my friend and fellow artist Alexander Rishaug. For this we got quite the unusual request. Film maker, traveler and music enthusiast Ingo J. Biermann asked if he could join us to film the performances and possibly make something out of it. As he also would drive us, we had no objections and thought it was a very nice offer, although we did not really know him back then. We traveled through mostly mid-EU and performed at small venues of all types, to a few people here and there. Nothing out of the ordinary for this kind of thing. But what is quite out of the ordinary for something like this is that we ended up with a well-shot tour movie out of it. This was actually finished in 2014, and I never posted about it, as I was unsure about my own performances and in general don’t like to see myself on film. But as this popped out on YouTube in full, I re-watched it and found it too be quite the beautiful little document and a great memory from a different time. So consider this my first time posting about this film. Beautifully shot by Ingo J Biermann who is a true dedicated music buff - thank you!. It features a mix of concert outtakes, sound checks and small in-betweens with little to no spoken word. And it goes without saying that we thank all the organisers, staff and people who helped us along our way. Some of you might recognize the venues along, which is seen from the outside on each segment. Crazy to think that this was 10 years ago already. It’s now 1 and a half year since my last live performance. Feels like I lost a part of myself. >> Panning across the room with no intention - A tour movie

For live booking requests please contact skodvin@online.no. For Deaf Center live, please contact monique@sonicpieces.com

Current projects:
Svarte Greiner / Erik K Skodvin = solo
Deaf Center = w/ Otto A Totland
B/B/S/ = w/Aidan Baker & Andrea Belfi
Aaron Moore & Erik K Skodvin duo
Jasmine Guffond & Erik K Skodvin duo or
trio w/Merja Kokkonen



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