10 / 07 / 2023 - Erik K Skodvin - Nothing left but silence
New album / exhibition / art book announcement! I have a new (or rather re-found) album entitled “Nothing left but silence” coming on Sonic Pieces in September. The album inspired a series of photographs which is presented as 8 framed riso prints at our own mi - so gallery / record shop in Schöneberg, Berlin from JULY 7th until OCT 14th, 2023. Additionally the full set of images will be released as a limited art book, handbound in the Sonic Pieces style. This also marks the start of a new series of publications called “mi - so editions”. https://www.mi-so-store.com/berlin-store

Watch a video for "Awaiting"
Watch a video for "The slow harvest"

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25 / 05 / 2023 - Svarte Greiner - Devolving Trust, LP edition
Finally the LP edition of "Devolving Trust" is in. You can order it from us here or here or through our international distribution.
18 / 11 / 2022 - Erik K Skodvin - Schächten, film soundtrack
I´ve scored the Austrian drama/thriller "Schächten" by director Thomas Roth which premiered at San Francisco Jewish film festival in August and is coming first in Austrian cinemas from December 2nd. Its also currently screening in jewish film festivals around the world. The soundtrack will be released on LTD LP + Digital this December 9th through Miasmah. More info and pre-order here. Watch trailer

Short synopsis : "Vienna 1960s - The young Jewish business man Victor has to witness how the prosecution of a Nazi crime against his family fails. The political and legal system is still virtually run by former Nazis with large parts of society being entangled in the past. When Victor also loses his grief ridden father and his girlfriend’s family opposes their relationship and his identity, Victor begins to loose faith in formal justice and takes matters in his own hands.

27 / 05 / 2022 - Pale Ravine art-print exhibition at mi - so store
The 8 collages made to accompany the Deaf Center album "Pale Ravine" (2005) is now on exhibition at our own mi - so store/gallery in Berlin. screenprinted mixed white/silver on black cardboard. 5x copies of each image, signed and numbered. Available to order online as standalone or framed edition (in-store). More info about the exhibition and opening times see here.
20 / 02 / 2022 - Deaf Center re-issues + New Svarte Greiner album "Devolving Trust"
Deaf Center - Neon City (2004) LP has been re-issue with new cover art in a re-mastered edition. At the same time a small LP re-press of Pale Ravine is also available. Also, a new Svarte Greiner album entitled Devolving Trust is out and available on CD (for now) and features two longform deep listening pieces somewhere in-between spiritual distress & meditation. The title track is taken from a live recording in the bunkers of a Berlin brewery. Feb 25th. CD + Digital. All on Miasmah recordings.

Available through our own mi - so store or bandcamp.

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Current projects:
Svarte Greiner / Erik K Skodvin = solo
Deaf Center = w/ Otto A Totland
Aaron Moore & Erik K Skodvin duo

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