Erik K Skodvin / Svarte Greiner  

Svarte Greiner is the solo guise of Berlin based Norwegian Erik K Skodvin (of Deaf Center & B/B/S). Working mostly with darkly painted soundscapes through bowed guitar, effect-pedals and a varied sound making tools, his music and live performance can be seen as something of a time stopping cinematic experience, embodied by surreal peaks of guitar improvisations, sound effects & low rumbling drones. Working otherwise with soundscapes both for visuals, film and as inspirations for his own record label Miasmah, he attempts to purvey something of a timeless and honest sound merging melancholy with horror.

Erik is known for starting the Acoustic Doom genre back in 2006 through the Type Records released debut album "Knive". He has also toured and worked with a broad selection of varied artists, from Fever Ray to Johann Johannson, Nils Frahm, Andrea Belfi & Aaron Moore to name a few.

Miasmah appearances :
MIA 054 - Schächten
MIA 055 - Devolving Trust
MIA 049 - Anbessa
MIA 042 - Twin
MIA 040 - Apart
MIA 039 - Knive
MIA 037 - Moss Garden
MIA 023 - Black Tie
MIA 001 - V/A - Silva



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