Encre - Plexus II


Frenchman Encre aka Yann Tambour has already amassed an extensive and diverse back catalogue of titles in his brief recording career. Though each has been as acclaimed as the next, with particular focus on the stunning 'Plux' released in 2004, this new disc is arguably his most personal and awe inspiring release to date.

The aforementioned 'Flux' album ended with the track that gave birth to 'Plexus II', and in it's second act Tambour experienced a rush of creative imagination forcing him to explore not only the use of electronic devices (as a dismissal to the previously strictly overbearing classical framework) but also to create music of warmth and uplifting spiritualism via multiple processed string instruments. These instruments morph slowly into different shapes and sizes, drifting, ebbing and flowing in a loosely looped framework not unlike the work of Steve Reich.

Inspired by Japanese Butoh dancers and named after the solar plexus the piece is most influenced by the old school of Gorecki, Tony Conrad, La Monte Young and Terry Riley, yet Tambour has managed to inject this reverence with a distinctly contemporary feeling, bringing to mind the work of Max Richter, Johann Johannsson or even Deaf Center. There is no shortage of contemporary classical music at the moment, but rarely is it approached with such pensive ease - Yann Tambour has surely crafted a disc which will serve to inspire many composers, electronic or otherwise, to come.





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