B/B/S/ Aidan Baker, Andrea Belfi & Erik Skodvin

WATER PULP (Self released, 2017)

Live recording from a double set gig in Wuppertal, Germany. January 2017. Guitars, Drums, Violin, Fuzztone Soundbox, Electronics. Recorded by Jah Ditch. Thanks to Mathias Mayer.

Water Pulp part 1
Water Pulp part 2
Water Pulp part 3

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PALACE (Miasmah, 2016)

Double vinyl spanning a range of styles and dynamics. Recorded over 2 sessions at Golden Retriever studio between 2014 & 2015. Mixed at KMP-ZWEI, Berlin 2015.

A1 - Cosmow 
A2 - Butcher Note 
A3 - Navel Oil 
B1 - Linber 
B2 - LA Mom 
B3 - Solo 

C1 - Ape Rug 
C2 - Hogan Pence 
D1 - Harm Bug 
D2 - Combuh

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NK012 (Umor Rex, 2015)

Recorded with nothing more than a stereo microphone in the middle of the room, NK012 is the first ever musical meeting of the three Berlin expats Aidan Baker(Nadja, Canada), Andrea Belfi (Italy) and Erik Skodvin (Svarte Greiner / half of Deaf Center, Norway). Interested in each other’s music, they met with the intention of just improvising together. What came out of the meeting was quite a surprise and started out a great collaboration between the three, debuting with Brick Mask LP (Miasmah 2013). Their NK012 sees their first combined use of guitars, tons of effect pedals, percussion & synth and stretches over all kinds of genres. Vibrant and intense pieces break forms encouraged by the emotional research of the live and spontaneous composition.

side A

Side B

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COLTRE/MANTO (Midira records, 2014)

Recorded live by Christoph Scheidel at Christuskirsche, Bochum, January 25th 2013. Mixed by Andrea Belfi at KMP-ZWEI studio. Mastered by Martyn Heyne at Lichte Studio.

A1 - Coltre
B1 - Manto

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HALF MOON (Miasmah, 2013)

Extra material from the VOX TON session that created Brick Mask. More on the quieter side.

A1 - Gather Part 1

B1 - Gather Part 2
B2 - Beam

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BRICK MASK (Miasmah, 2013)

Debut B/B/S/ album recorded at VOX-TON, Berlin in 2012.

A1 - Brick
A2 - Mask

B1 - Plants
B2 - Mott

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